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The Internet of things industry. 4.0 how fast development

  If artificial intelligence to promote the fourth industrial revolution, the industrial iot must be one of those who brought the tide of the revolution. Recently, a survey of abroad, industrial iot has begun to impact on industry.

Want to make money, look for objects

The survey by the business process and IT services company initiated GenPact, of 172 manufacturing, mining, industrial and automotive industry to investigate the relevant aspects of the executives. The executives is generally believed that the Internet of things will become the key to their business success. But at the same time, the Internet of things still there are some big problems.

According to the survey, 81% of executives believe that the successful application of the Internet of things technology is the key to determine the company‘s future development limit. But it is interesting to note that in the annual income of more than 1 billion companies, 96% of the executives recognised by industrial iot as companies focus; Annual income less than 1 billion executives in the ratio was 76%. And 60% of executives said that the Internet of things is for their enterprise to bring the business promotion. 51% of the executives said the Internet had impact on the enterprise business model, created a new business model.

The Internet of things security a headache

Meanwhile, executives are the main concern focused on the Internet of data security. 37% of respondents believe that this is a very thorny problem. 34% of respondents said that the Internet of things technology, system operation and staff skills and other issues were the major challenges encountered in the actual application. Iot has dramatically accelerated the revolution brought by the storm, and it to our life, work, travel, entertainment and other aspects of the impact of is on the rise. Comprehensive Internet of things by a connection, made by consumers, increasingly close relationship between enterprise and government, control ability has been enhanced.

The Internet of things development life

All this change is not magic, but from the arrival of the "the fourth industrial revolution". This time the industrial revolution brought about by the change is no less than a few times before, even stronger. He also opens up new markets, create new opportunities for the company and society. And now the only problem is, how to make full speed things up.

By studying the trend of the development of the Internet of things, found that the Internet of things in the implementation of today‘s all opportunities will come in the future 20 years, the change will cover all walks of life, the relatively independent economy will reach a new grafting mode, to marginalization will be intensified.

According to experts predict that the Internet of things industry in 2020, there will be a qualitative leap. By now, the development trend of the Internet of things market will be the size of the market growth from 10 billion to 34 billion. And in this, the Internet of things devices will occupy about $24 billion, while traditional computing devices, such as smart phones, tablets, smart watch will account for around 10 billion.

The super market wisdom city was born

And in this foundation, the iot solutions are expected to be the global market in the next five years, up to 6 trillion. There will be more and more companies will be Internet solutions used in various aspects, to help enterprises to reduce operating costs, improve production efficiency, extend new market and develop new products.

In addition, the government will become the second biggest users of the Internet of things, consumers will be more use of the Internet of things derivatives and not directly to the user. Iot also will grow up to be completely similar Internet connectivity products, to simplify the complex infrastructure for a single ecosystem.

Iot solutions market will exceed 6 trillion

The adaptability of the Internet of things will also therefore ascension, regardless of the network, 3 g / 4 g / 5 g, ZigBee, Z - wave, Sigfox, WiFi, or Ethernet, can adapt to it. And its analysis system will use the data analysis, such as a more advanced cloud computing products. But the point is still to be reckoned with in the security, iot if developed into such a monster, security problem can also with today‘s Internet security. Then how to solve this problem may also develop a series of related derivatives.