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Create fashionable avant-courier family bar small secret recipe

  Set a bar in the kitchen, is that this is the picture of grade personage pursuit of quality of life. Just think, in an open kitchen, attentive host will have only the division of function table a little ornament, turn it into a simple and beautiful small stage. The top of the table design the window of an arc, deserve to go up in delicate small cap lamp, table put some works of art have appeal, to emphasize some modern elements on colour...
  However, kitchen bar with the bar in the sitting room is very different. Is the key area of the bedroom, sitting room decorated generally very exquisite. While the kitchen counter with the kitchen, dining room is clean, the practical environment, should be concise and lively. But, after all, it has certain ornamental again, so should be full of angry, try to avoid a dull blunt design.
  Tall stool is one of the most amorous feelings of the bar scene, if the bar table design in 1.20 meters, is to choose it. On the market at present still have a kind of can lift stool, draw lessons from the practical function of office swivel chair lift at random, design more concise and smooth lines, very suitable for the pursuit of fashion and fashion forward home bar.
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