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Smart home market to meet outbreak: scale up to 130 billion

  Intelligence lives in broad development space
From a global perspective, due to the user for the traditional household products use habits is different, also can differ in terms of smart home choice. In the United States market, penetration of household central air conditioning has more than 70%, and 85% of households with central heating thermostat, 60% of households with refrigeration equipment central thermostat, represented by intelligent thermostat intelligent energy-saving products. In the European market, guards against the product got the attention of consumers, Britain, Spain and Germany has nearly 80% of the broadband home users tend to choose intelligent home security products.

While consumers interested in intelligent electrical appliances product is in our country. Tencent appliance according to the survey, intelligence, intelligent electric light, intelligent air conditioning, intelligent TV cameras, smart and intelligent refrigerator and washing machine intelligence intelligent household air purifier as users want to buy the product. In addition, Chinese Internet users reached 668 million, Internet penetration is around 50%, has the good development of smart home conditions, but intelligent household penetration in China is less than 5%, compared with the gap is bigger, the vast development space in the future.

Intelligent household to be unified
Experts had predicted that by 2020, intelligent air conditioners, washing machines and refrigerators market penetration in China will be increased to 55%, 55% and 55% respectively.

From recent actual as you can see, the Chinese electrical appliances and consumer electronics fair mainstream Chinese home appliance manufacturers such as haier, midea, TCL, it shows the respective some intelligent household products, including clothing, and the future planning and concept. The expert inside course of study thinks, from this perspective, the traditional home appliance industry in the future is bound to the further development of consumption upgrade and this Angle, but should not be ignored is that from the current state of the Chinese electrical appliances, electrical home appliances market is no longer an incremental market in the early reform and opening up, but to the stock market further transform gradually.

How to attract further upgrading existing electrical appliances into the industry, or to the direction of smart home, is each enterprise to a very important direction in the future.

From another perspective, the current smart home or at the start stage in our country, the intelligent products or intelligent system of most enterprises is their own system, the industry has not yet formed a unified standard completely, there must be a standard for the future development of a unified process.

Household market transition to speed up the pace
As the Internet, cloud computing and big data to accelerate the integration of information technology, as well as the Internet giant preemption intelligent hardware control entrance, transformation and upgrading of household market will also speed up the pace, the application of personalized, diversified will boost intelligent household industry rapidly increasing permeability.

Upstream from the point of the industrial chain, intelligent household industry can be divided into parts, mainly including chips, sensors, passive components and circuit boards, chip is the core of the smart home industry link, directly reflects the technology application and product performance; Middle link includes intelligent control terminal products, intelligent control center, the data transmission module and processing module, etc.; Downstream end is finished goods, including smart thermostat, household appliances, lighting, security and small intelligent item, etc. Among them, the middle and lower part is the focus of the layout Internet company, through intelligent home gateway, realize the Internet interaction entrance control, application development, as well as service platform control, etc.

As the Internet of things technology, cloud computing, and the application of the technology such as triple play integration, intelligent household function will gradually improve. Among them, the wireless intelligent household is expected to occupy the market mainstream. Wireless smart home installation is relatively simple, as long as to replace the traditional switch with ZigBee single fire intelligent switch, tie-in wireless gateway, where appropriate connection electric appliances, electric light, curtain and all kinds of sensors, which can realize the remote switch control.

In addition, as one of the important traffic entrance, intelligent household for each big tech giants. Microsoft‘s earlier intervention, its HomeOS home operation system, the user instructions issued by mobile phones, which can realize to control the indoor temperature, TV channels and cameras, to provide users with a unified management interface. In addition, Google previously announced $3.2 billion in cash acquisition of smart home Nest equipment company, is the smart home to a climax. HomeKit of apple and Google Android Home smart Home platform, such as to improve the current division, to provide a platform integration linkage, allow devices to work together better.