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Chip makers in the security market opportunities and challenges

  In high quality, intelligent and networked development trend of the request, security chip is in constant technical innovation, rapid development speed. In recent years, image decoding way from the h. 263 development to MPEG4, then transition to the h. 264, h. now conquested 265 compiled code format to monitor the market most of the territory, the higher compression efficiency, lower coding streaming, the security industry to a whole new level.

With the rise of the intelligence analysis technology, h. 265 has also been manufacturers continue to develop, integrate enterprise independent core technology. At the same time, with the emergence of Chinese SVAC standard and the push of government, SVAC codec technology is also in the process of advancing. Each encoding format through arduous and tortuous exploring road, especially after the decoding ability more challenges, but security chip, the pace of innovation has never had a moment to stop.

Big data, Internet of things technology continues to develop, and then spread to the security industry. Security chip in video surveillance industry chain at the top of the pyramid, in the security industry play a key role and the direction of future development, the technical indexes is determined by the overall pointer, security monitoring system, including: definition, sensitivity, color, dynamic range, such as the core chip performance is a set of images of the front key technology of the camera system.

NVR chip, the pursuit of higher quality
Along with the NVR video host) the recent development and application of gradually expanding, NVR core chip is widely concerned. In recent years, the IPC (web camera) + NVR scheme combined with cost advantages, such as economy, flexible deployment‘s remarkable achievements in video surveillance market, more and more manufacturers to join, NVR market trend gradually mature and stable.

Chip as its core component, to the market orientation, the performance, cost plays a decisive role, so the upstream chip manufacturers constantly issued by higher decoding ability, research and development, stronger processing capacity and high quality chips. From the point of the product of the current mainstream chip makers roll out, most enterprises support high-definition format, and the current mainstream chip solution, respectively, are: TI DM816X series, haisi 35 xx series, the series of EN7530, Entropic EN7530 series, and Marvell ARMADA XP series.

DM816X series with excellence excellent performance, widely used by most manufacturers, is suitable for the special decoder NVR, network, etc. DM81XX series of TI (Texas instruments) is currently the world‘s most flexible program design of the digital signal processor (DSP) chip up to 2 gb of memory, and can be configured to stretch out a lot of innovative applications, it is the intent of the TI involved in this series of products, and is also a lot of NVR to choose the main cause of this series of chips. Single chip can meet 160 m network IPC resources access and forwarding, easily cope with 16 road 1080 p codec.

Haisi 35 xx series of high-end product line in the NVR market successively launched sea, 3531, 3535, at the same time for low-end product line continuously enrich and perfect, the optimized haisi 3515 a, 3520 d chip series include different markets, including to develop various performance and application of NVR. In other words, the sea, can in a short period of time has become the main supplier of NVR chip, with its focus on chip application level and good at using low cost advantage. High quality is the future trend, is also the consensus of the industry, although each has a different voice chip manufacturers, but looking for mature, scale, and economic transition, is a common voice.

New requirements: intelligent analysis + video monitoring
However, with the vertical industry development of the digital video surveillance, is bound to the digital high definition video transmission put forward higher request, make simulation high quality transmission technology is being challenged.

Red hair, tianjin division Zheng Xiaolong semiconductor market development director, said the 15th ember conference focused on h. 265, 4 k and intelligent application, and simulation of high quality and are AHD, TVI and CVI, focus on the future development of digital high-definition video transmission, AVT may have a wider field of vision, achieve a breakthrough of the 4 k x 2 k, and contribute to more innovation in the field of digital video surveillance applications, thus promote digital high-definition video transmission and extend the market trend.

Facing the demand for higher video monitoring system, faster processing speed, higher integration degree, and can deal with higher complexity of intelligence analysis technology, more powerful network functions and required lower power consumption chip, become the most concerned factors chip makers. Although difficult to achieve comprehensive, full compliance with all of the above requirements, but the market expectation is also become the direction of chip business efforts. The era of intelligent security, intelligent analysis + video monitor trends, chip makers can deal with?

Intelligence analysis is the key to bring about a large number of image storage and handling requirements, are all involved in intelligent video analysis of enterprise as the next big business. Professor, department of electronic engineering, tsinghua university foif big think, intelligent analysis must solve the problem of computer bottleneck, is facing a huge number of intelligent image analysis method is often done through the cloud platform back-end operations, but the cloud platform have bandwidth limit, for almost exponentially massive image processing requirements, the cloud transmission technology can not keep up.

As intelligent analysis algorithm in recent years gradually mature, intelligent analysis application products also presents the fast growth the tendency, change the past failed to hit the market. Due to increased before the analysis of the intelligent product requires a separate DSP chips or other operation, no matter in product development difficulty, or on the economic costs are unsatisfactory. But today‘s video surveillance technology has been successfully transplanted to take the lead in intelligence analysis algorithm decoding chip ARM, realize the function of the intelligent analysis of high benefit and low cost, but also provide the good countermeasure to solve the problem of the security industry. Rising security chip performance, achievement of intelligent analysis engine integrated into compiled code chip solutions.

Security chip development bottleneck
Although security chip market prospects look optimistic, but at the same time also faces many bottlenecks of development. Core chip decided against the product‘s trajectory, chip made not to come out, the corresponding products will not be able to produce, even do the update in its form. About every six months or so, the current security industry was born a series of new product demand, and the updating cycle of security chip, on average, at more than one year, and cause the market demand is often have to wait for the lag of the core chip.

But on the other hand, if you want to make the chip development speed to be able to follow up the changing market demand, will bring huge pressure chip manufacturers. Including: human cost ratio increase, frequent product replacing waste output of unfavorable factors. In addition, the security industry segment of market demand is gradually strengthening, in the past, a single chip winner-take-all era of multiple products has disappeared, and due to the particularity of security chip and pivotal position, the market behavior of chip suppliers will directly affect the whole industry development direction. How to make the chip differentiation to meet the market demand, while expanding markets and to protect the market, be repeated each chip enterprise thinking.

The current mainstream security chip vendor number is not much, but each other‘s face competition in the market is very large. The whole security industry profit decline, directly increase terminal manufacturers are faced with the pressure, the dominance of European and American mainstream chip for a long time, many domestic chip makers have to face a lot of intellectual property rights. In addition, guards against the product demand for energy conservation and environmental protection and low power consumption is becoming more and more high, but you cannot sell the cow and drink the milk, the performance of ascension often needs to improve the power consumption of cost.

In a new challenge and opportunity coexist
Security industry scale expands unceasingly, the market competition continue to intensify, under the background of increasingly serious product homogeneity, the performance of the market for security products put forward higher requirements, therefore, which brings many challenges and opportunities that may be able to create more product value.

Shenzhen haisi semiconductors marketing manager JiJian spare, points out that benefit from the global video surveillance industry booming, the upstream video monitor main chip suppliers generally higher sales forecast in 2015. Because of the video monitoring is a relatively closed market, not to participate in the competition of the upstream chip manufacturers, competitive strength of the manufacturer is a handful, mobile Internet affect traditional industries, especially in the business model, make originally mainly on hardware sales mode gradually reduce profits, market through shuffling gradually open up new prospects.

Key technology for security chip manufacturers, forever is the enterprise core competitive power, this is the law of constant. For haisi semiconductors DVR chips, for example, is now about 60% of similar products market share, China chip is continuously exceed, keep moving forward in the process. Is the so-called chaotic hero, exactly is The Times create heroes, or heroes create The Times? Worth thinking about.