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Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

ILIFE V5S Pro robotic vacuum cleaner home floor Sweeping Machine Robot ASPIRADOR, Wet and Dry Clean,Self Charge

An innovative ILIFE product, with smart duel-system, replaceable water tank and dust box, adopts creative design of built-in water tank to overcome fall-off, insufficient water and unevenly water discharge of the water tank externally hung. This is a real sweeping and mopping robot.

Imported brushless motor is used for low noise and energy saving.


  • - Brand: ILIFE

    - Model:  V5S Pro 

    - Certification: CE

    - Color: Pink gold

    - Size: 300*300*70mm

    - Net weight: 2.05Kg

    - Applicable voltage: 11.1V

    - Rated power: 20W

    - Battery capacity: Lithium battery 2600mAh

    - Charging type: Manual/Self charging

    - Charging time: 300min

    - Working time: 140min

    - Dust box volume: 0.3L 

    - Water tank volume: 0.3L

    - Suction strength: 550Pa/850Pa

    - Working noise: ≤55Db (mopping mode: 40 dB)

    - Detection system: OBS all floor detection system 

    - Button: Touch screen 

    - Filter net: Primary + efficient HEPA filter net

    - Cleaning mode: Auto/border/spot/time schedule/mopping 

    - Accessories: Remoter, efficient HEPA filter net, power adapter, battery charger, cleaning brush, sides brush, mop, and water tank 

    - Remoter battery: AAA battery × 2

    - Output voltage of power adapter: 19V

    - Rated output voltage of battery charger: 19V

    - Rated output current of battery charger: 0.6A

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